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Steven C. Wyer Addresses Google App Pack

A hot topic among developers is Google’s newly-launched “app pack,” which was released in 2017. Steven C. Wyer says apps are now offered above mobile search results and are both beneficial and potentially harmful for application owners looking to market their products. Here, Steven C. Wyer answers some of the most common questions about the […]

Steven C. Wyer | Google Reviews Tweaked to Disallow Profanity

Steven C. Wyer reports that Google has made significant changes to its schema guidelines to prohibit profane or vulgar language. Businesses who allow profanity in their reviews may now have review rich snippets removed at the discretion of Google, says Steven C. Wyer of Third Coast Interactive, Inc. Steven C. Wyer conveys that Google’s new […]

Steven C. Wyer Reports Congress Taking Steps to Ban “Anti-Review” Clauses

As the CEO of one of the nation’s most respected digital branding and marketing agencies, Steven C. Wyer has heard countless horror stories of businesses banning customers from speaking out against poor service. Some claim the addition of an “anti-review clause” is part of the company’s comprehensive image campaign. It is not. And now, Congress […]

Steven C. Wyer

In 1992, Steven C. Wyer founded Wyer Creative Communications, Inc., a direct marketing company catering to the financial services industry. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to integrate two national call centers, Steven C. Wyer built a business that was later inducted into the Nashville Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame. In 1999, Steven C. Wyer’s company was […]

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Violated Online by Steven C. Wyer Offers Real, Practical Tips to Protect Yourself Online

More WebProNews Videos Reputation Advocate’s Steven C. Wyer delivers Violated Online book as online attacks escalate